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Walkman World

When I was in K-12 I took the school bus that was always rife with bullies. In an effort to avoid confrontation I would hunker down below the seat, look out the window and disappear into the world of my Walkman and the musical journey it provided. Later, when I was in college I lived in a major city where I used to walk the gritty city streets to class every day and night and it seemed everyone I passed had also adopted the same Walkman World approach, everyone was tuned in and therefore everyone was tuned out. My roommate, who struggled emotionally, would go so far as to turn the whole apartment into his personal Walkman World. I would come home at night to ear-splitting volume and pitch black environment, as though I had stepped into his listening ear canal, only to find him in his room screaming at the top of his lungs with emotional pain or to find his silhouette sitting quietly amidst the deafening cacophony on an open window sill staring out at the city's night sky that shimmered below. I'll never forget that image. Those are just a few of the inspirations for Walkman World.

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Walkman World by MAKAIO


Images, Images, Only (Repeated)

There's no pain in a musical refrain

There's less shock with a little bit of rock

We tune in to tune out, there's no doubt

The headphones on and we're gone

We're brain dead with the tunes in our head

We don't hear what we see, MTV

'Cause in a walkman world you could shoot me

and I'd have a musical theme as I die

In a walkman world you could cut me open

and the blood would melodically fly

So, why need we listen to the tragedies that we see?

Let a song take the place of it and I'm free

It's not fun to admit that sometimes it's hard to make the best of it

So, when alone, on my own, give me tone

Without a song in the air that I'm singing,

I'm left to silence and the world of deep thinking

Start to drown in what I've found, give me sound

Cause in a walkman world you can pass by the homeless,

simply equalize their cries away

In a walkman world you can be an eyewitness

and yet never lift a finger to save

So, why should we bombarded by the problems with which others are faced?

Plug up the holes in your head, problem people erased

Open your ears to the world

Hear all the life and the death around you

Don't try to block out the world

Or the world may try blocking out you

Your lips move when you speak

I'm sorry your words are not the ones I seek

But, go ahead, I may have read what you said

And someday when we all have our heads set

And all the trials of life become easy to forget

It'll seem like a dream as we scream, as we scream, oh


So, why do you listen to the crazy things that I chant

You can try to tune me out, but you know that you can't, that you can't, that you can't, that you can't, that you

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