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Get a heartfelt Vegas-style concert experience at your venue or for your next event! Singing classic heart-moving songs made popular by famous Vegas singers like Elvis, Sinatra and many more, Vegas singer MAKAIO brings these soulful, heart-touching songs to you and your audience.

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MAKAIO is a 5-star rated concert performer, #1 state music champion, international songwriting finalist and honors graduate in music performance. A true connoisseur of everything music, MAKAIO brings his soulful, heartfelt style to a variety of genres and concert experiences. Classically-trained in a variety of styles and instrumentation, MAKAIO focuses his efforts on singing songs from the heart in concert to an engaged audience so together they can be transformed by the music. He enjoys the power of making a musical connection and specifically seeks out those songs and styles that encourage that experience. A state champion percussionist, he also includes percussion performances in his steel drum band and percussion shows. Taking popular and classic songs from Pop, Rock, Jazz, Broadway, Folk, Country, Gospel and more, award-winning composer and musician MAKAIO also sources and creates his own one-of-a-kind arrangements for these classic songs that makes for the perfect concert and event entertainment. Easy on the ears while capturing the expression of these heart-moving songs. Great for an evening concert at your venue, gala, corporate event, organization, community and even in your own backyard (the neighbors will find it irresistible ;).

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