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5 Star-Rated Irish Entertainment!

Genuine Irish Singer from the Clan O' Moran

Irish Singer Florida | Irish Band Florida

Irish singer Matty O' Moran - "The MAK of IRELAND" is an American-born Irish Singer of the clan O' Moran. The clan O' Moran hails from the Ui Fiachrach dynasty and led the celts in the western Irish counties of Mayo and Sligo in northwest Ireland - Moran actually means "the great chieftain". The Morans are known to be excellent Irish singers and Irish musicians. Matty or "Mak" O' Moran enjoys performing traditional Irish ballads and upbeat songs as well as Irish-influenced modern songs. If it bears the heart of Ireland he will gladly sing it from the heart.
In addition to the O' Moran line from his father, his mother also hails from the Irish clan O' Gilleland and clan O' Hanley of Ireland. Matty is also related to the clan O' Shaughnessy.

Irish Singer for Concerts, Events and Parties in Florida & Beyond!

Need to book a Florida Irish singer for corporate entertainment? Need to hire a local Irish singer for event entertainment or to provide Irish music and Irish entertainment? Irish vocalist Makaio is a 5 star-rated Irish music entertainer (as seen on Google, Yahoo, Gigsalad, etc) ready to bring that special musical touch to your event.

"Excellent job! Can you stay another hour and a half? You were amazing! We're looking forward to having you at our future grand openings!"
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Trader Joe's (Multiple Repeat Customer)

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Irish Singing from the Heart

Irish singer Makaio enjoys singing thoughtful and meaningful songs - an Irish singer that touches the heart. Irish singer Makaio has a unique style that is defined by the emotions it stirs.

"Great job! Thanks so much for being part of it! I have heard nothing but good things! See you next year!" -⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Honda (Multiple Repeat Customer)

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An Irish "Crooner" - Soft, Low, Sentimental, Easy Listening

A "crooner", is defined as "a singer, typically a male singer, who sings sentimental songs in a soft, low voice." This defines Makaio's soft, sentimental touch that he brings to his personalized performances of Irish music and Celtic music both traditional, modern and inspired.

"He did a fabulous job! I contacted MAK only 1 week before the party and he responded quickly. I am so impressed that he pulled together the perfect selection of music for us with little direction and only 1 week's notice. He is a true professional with a kind & friendly personality. It was an easy choice and we are looking forward to having him back soon!" -⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ J.Valle, Google Reviews

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Irish Tenor Singing from the Heart

With his rich Irish baritone lows meeting his lilting Irish tenor highs, The MAK of IRELAND brings you an Irish brogue for every occasion. Irish tenor Makaio enjoys singing thoughtful and meaningful songs - an Irish tenor that touches the heart. Irish tenor Makaio has a unique style that is defined by the emotions it stirs.

"I hired Mak to play at an office Cocktail Happy Hour...and what a great find. Not only was Mak professional and courteous, but his music was GREAT!!!! He is very talented and can play, sing and his wide range of music is wonderful. It sounded great. You have to think outside the box. It is amazing what Mak can do with songs of all types. I would strongly recommend Mak for any event that you find you need music. He is truly a great guy. I will definitely be using him again for business and personal events."  -⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Susan, Yardley Law, (Repeat Customer) Google Reviews

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Professionally-Trained Irish Singer and Songwriter

Irish singer Makaio is an honors music graduate in music performance and Irish music performer versed in a wide variety of musical styles who writes, composes, arranges, produces and records his own music inspired by Ireland and the Celtic style. 

"Mak you were spectacular, the party was a huge success because of your music and friendly interaction with the guests. Everyone loved the party, and it was much do to you. Looking forward to having you here again for another fun gathering." -⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Virginia, Google Reviews

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"Storysinger" - Songs from the Heart

Irish singer and crooner Makaio focuses on music that is nostalgic, sentimental, reflective and storytelling, singing Irish songs from his heart to the hearts of those listening so that not only do they hear the music but feel the Irish music and the message of the Irish music, as well.

"We hired Mak for our company's anniversary party.  He was prompt and set-up was easy.  He performed for about 3 hours and provided such beautiful music.  Everyone loved when he played.  Thank you for a great evening!" -⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ T. Holley, Google Reviews

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Song Artist - The Human Touch

Irish singer Makaio is a classically-trained Irish singer and an honors graduate in Irish musical performance and endeavors that his Irish singing style be as human and down-to-earth as possible so that the listener feels as though they're listening to an old friend warmly sing irish songs of reflection, nostalgia and heart-felt sentiment.

"A short note to thank you for providing the entertainment for us this 
weekend. You are top notch. All the guests made comments on how impressed
 they were with your music.  This is definitely an
 experience that will stay with all who attended the party.
Thanks again for being professional and having a true love for what you do."
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Rick and Laura, Gigsalad Reviews

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Concerts and Foreground Entertainment

Having spent many years performing professionally in virtually every capacity from the main event to background music in concert settings, corporate events, special events, parties and more, Irish singer Makaio has found that it makes the time together most meaningful and memorable for everyone when he and the audience can connect directly with one another. Therefore, whenever possible, Makaio enjoys and specializes in Irish concerts and Irish performances where he and the audience can directly connect face to face for the performance and the audience can feel touched and be emotionally engaged with the Irish music. Most Irish concerts last anywhere from 45 to 90 minutes and can last longer, if desired.

"Thank you, thank you! You made our 10th wedding anniversary party a great success!!! We loved the
 way you led the band from start to finish. The singing was amazing and the steel drum was total class. We love the way you were the master of ceremony and kept the whole event focused and cohesive. There were no awkward gaps. Every one enjoyed the "limbo" dance and laughed with glee as each person was eliminated. Thank you for the encouraging words you spoke to us to enjoy the marriage and continue to make God the center of our lives. You led the event with a joyful and happy energy. It was so good to celebrate with you and to talk with you. Thank you so much!"
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Rosalind, Google Reviews

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Sample Song List

Irish singer Makaio selects Irish and Celtic songs, both traditional and modern-inspired, that share that special component of touching the heart of the listener. The following is a sample list of Irish and Celtic songs both traditional and modern. Irish singer Makaio is capable of singing hundreds more, so, please inquire for more details. Irish singer Makaio is a family-friendly entertainer and some lyrics may be adjusted, when needed.

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