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A Different Kind of Crooner

Makaio, aka "Mak" (as in "Mack the Knife"...only much friendlier 😎) is a 5 star-rated jazz singer and modern-day crooner known for his heartfelt, passionate delivery and personal, sensitive touch. As a professional jazz singer and variety crooner, his emotional and thoughtful renditions celebrate music from the jazz standards as well as a variety of decades and genres that fit the crooner style, much like famous singers Frank Sinatra, Perry Como and Bing Crosby did as well as today's singers like Michael Buble, Harry Connick, Jr., Tony Bennett and more. Jazz singer and crooner Makaio wants you to not only hear the music he sings but to feel it, too.

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A crooner or torch singer is generally considered a male singer who sings heartfelt, sentimental songs in a soft, smooth and low voice. This is a great description of crooner Makaio. Often jazz singers and crooners will incorporate jazz standards and songs from the Great American Songbook, broadway, pop and more. MAKAIO croons songs from his heart to yours and MAKAIO's song selection includes songs from a variety of genres including broadway, soul, folk, jazz, pop, rock and more and is perfect for everything from mellow and intimate gatherings, like dinner music and cocktail music, to bigger gathering and larger party music and corporate events. MAKAIO music entertainment is the perfect addition to any event.
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Creative Crooner

A jazz singer and crooner who performs and creates. MAKAIO is not only a professionally-trained vocalist but also a composer of his own music and professionally trained actor who was performing with a Broadway touring company by the age of 7 and graduated from the British American Drama Academy master program where he was personally directed by Sir Benjamin Kingsley (Ghandhi, Schindler's List, et al).

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Full Band Sound - One Man Band Price

Jazz singer and crooner MAKAIO is an honor's graduate in music performance and brings you a full-band sound at a one man band price. Jazz singer and crooner MAKAIO brings you a full band sound with LIVE vocals and professional background music.

Perfect Choice for Any Occasion or Environment

Jazz singer and crooner MAKAIO act is the perfect choice for virtually any occasion, event or environment. A great choice when you're looking for that special touch and a great fit for parties, events, casinos, resorts, hotel lobbies, lounges, corporate events, cocktail parties, social gatherings, special celebrations and more.

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Songs from the Heart

MAKAIO focuses on music that is hopeful and reflective in nature singing songs from his heart to the hearts of those listening so that not only do they hear the music but feel the music and the message, as well.

The Human Touch

MAKAIO is a classically-trained singer and an honors graduate in musical performance and endeavors that his singing style be as human and down-to-earth as possible so that the listener feels as though they're listening to an old friend warmly sing story songs, life reflection songs and songs of remembrance and nostalgia.

Concerts and Foreground Entertainment

MAKAIO specializes in concerts and performances where he and the audience can connect with one another. This makes for a much more meaningful and memorable time for everyone. Having spent many years performing professionally in virtually every capacity from the main event to background music It will generally last anywhere from 45 to 90 minutes and will often include music interwoven with scripture, prayer, stories, quotes and other anecdotes about the loved one. Makaio has spent many years working full-time as a Christian pastor and emcee and can lead the entire proceeding, if desired. He is also happy to share scripture, prayer and wholesome anecdotes on behalf of others, if desired.

Flexible Attire

Makaio is happy to wear formal suit attire or his cordial artist attire, as desired. Inquire for more details.

Featured Crooner

MAKAIO "The MAK of JAZZ" is a featured crooner on Mondo Italiano - home of Italian Food, Fashion, Arts & Entertainment in South Florida.

Sample Song List

The above video provides a sampling of some of the classic songs Makaio songs. You will that he was even able to throw in some modern requests. Makaio is capable of singing hundreds more and will often pull in songs from a variety of genres that are still smooth, touching and maintain the tone of the event. Advance special requests are also possible, so, please, inquire for more details.

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